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The Leica journal workshop debates about how Leica cameras represented an important revolution for journalism photography. From their invention, journalists contributed in innovative ways of photographing and portraying events that happened around the world.

Altura Projects proposes, in collaboration with Tres Tipos Gráficos “The Leica Journal”, an activity parallel to the exhibition: “Con los ojos bien abiertos: 100 años de fotografía Leica” (With wide open eyes: 100 years of Leica photography), that took place in Fundación Telefónica in May 2017. The activity will be articulated around the importance and repercussion of Leica cameras, so that the participants can understand, from practice and in first person in a group dynamic, the work methodology with these devices.

In addition, the photographs taken will be put in context through a newspaper created specifically for the occasion, so that the participants comprise the steps an image takes from the moment it is taken until its is published.

The workshop will be presented as a participatory activity, which can be aimed at children with parents and/or teenagers.

Free download:  THE LEICA JOURNAL.