Dragón 9 Cuerpo entero-2.jpg

Dragon 9 is a workshop where Alvaro and Alejandro Marote will help participants build a structure with a dragon shape using nine parts of different animals (lobster eyes, deer horns, camel snout, dog nose, catfish whiskers, lion mane, snake tail, fish scales and eagle claws).

By using different plastic techniques on recycled materials (paper, cardboard and aluminium), partakers will check by their selves how the mutation process to which the animal’s skin will be subject of during the activity it is intimately related to the constant transformation cycle that defines matter in life.

Thanks to this learning, children will be able to understand how the transformation of the old allows things to be reborn creating a new reality.

The two main objectives of this workshop are that all children can develop their creative abilities and encourage teamwork in order to carry out a large structure in the form of a dragon.